Nordpoint Group Oy

NordPoint Group Oy (NPG) is a property development and consulting company established in 1989. We are part of the Estonian NordPoint Development Oü Group and the body of undertakings. The total turnover of NordPoint Development Oü stakeholder companies is over 15 million euros.

NordPoint Group Oy’s main line of business is property development and consulting, but we also operate in construction consulting, housing services, corporate restructuring, and corporate consulting. At the national level, we operate with the aid of our team of approximately 8–10 professionals. We also operate in Finland, the Baltic countries, and Sweden via our extensive and strong collaboration network and parent company. In addition, we are also extending our operations to the growing economic area of St. Petersburg, Russia. At the moment, our offices are located in Vantaa, Finland, and Tallinn, Estonia.

NPG Oy is an expert in its field!